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The Best iPhone Repair Services in the Richardson, TX

What is the Most common iPhone Repair in Richardson?
One of the biggest Problems that we have with Our beautiful cellphones, Smartphones be it and iPhone or Android would be the dreaded Broken Screens! they look so nice but oh so fragile!

How to know if its just a cracked iPhone Screen or if its Damaged LCD?
If the screen is just shattered or cracked and your phone still workes then you will just need to replace the broken glass. But if your iPhone has bleeding colors or a blank white screen behind the glass then then you have a bigger problem and would need to get a Full Screen Repair/Replacement. iPhone Repair Richardson services is best at turning your iPhone back to its new shiny self.

We constantly get requests for iPhone and iPad repair services for Broken screens and LCD digitizer.

So if you are looking for Experts that can get your problems with Screen replacement done fast and cheap! we are your team. You can give us a call or visit our loacation and lets get to work on replacing that iPhone and iPad cracked screen.

Looking for iPhone repair Richardson Texas?
If you are having any problems with your Apple Products from your iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, 5C and 5… or older models of iPhones 4/4s? we have your back! we handle all types of repairs for your iPhone and iTouch Problems.

We are known for excellent and cost Effective services. iPhone Repair Richardson is one of the biggest search terms in google. We service iPhone models check out our Service Section to find all Apple related product repairs we do.

So what are the most common repairs we do?

Popular Repairs We do:
Apple Phone Repairs:
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus Repairs
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C
iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

Tablet Repair
iPad 2,3,4
iPad Mini 1,2,3
iPad Air 1,2

Screen Replacement: Having a Shattered screen is not fun but is very common with smart phones today. take it to your specialists and we will get it back to its shiny self.

Camera Repair: Missed that precious moment because of a crack on your camera lens? take it to iPhone Repair Richardson and will will have you taking selfies in no time.

Speaker Repair: Never miss an appointment again and not waking up on time due to a broken speaker.

Charging Port Repair: If your cell phone is on its last bar an the phone is no longer charging even with changing your USB connector or chargers then it could be a broken charging port.

Power and Home Button Replacement: If you have your Power button jammed with something or it just stopped working, take it to our specialist at iPhone Repair Richardson and we will get your phone to power off and home button working again.

Unlocking: Planning to switch providers and want to use the same phone? take it to our shop and we will take care of this for you

Headphone Port Repair: Start listening to your music again with having your headphone port fixed by our specialists.

Water Damage: Depending on the extent of damage. we might still be able to get your phone up and running.

Diagnostics: If you accidentally installed any apps or malware on your phone started to act funky, take it to our specialists will get it cleared and running like it was new.

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